Inside Out
Social Media Video / Motion Graphics
Melbourne Museum

Inside Out was Melbourne Museum’s major summer exhibition that took place from 23 December, 2017 until 11 February, 2018. Inside Out was a ground-breaking exhibition that reimagined the museum experience by replacing the usual tropes of exhibition labels and lengthy explanations with an immersive location-based audio guide.  Inside Out took audiences on a multisensory journey across some of the most eclectic items from the museum’s 17-million-piece collection, including a funeral hearse, an Egyptian sarcophagus and exquisite minerals, corals and more.  The audio guide lead audiences across stunningly designed spaces including a nightclub, sushi bar and a Victorian parlour.


Create social media videos for Facebook, YouTube, Instagram and Twitter and content for in-house monitors. 


The launch video had to made without ever seeing the exhibition!


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