Marina Abramovic - Private Archaeology, MONA
Art Journalism

An interview with performance artist Marina Abramovic

ABC News Breakfast, The Mix

Marina Abramovic is one of the world’s most recogniseable artists. For over 40 years Abramovic has pushed the physical limits of her body through endurance-based performances that have captured the public’s attention and brought performance art into the mainstream. For the Serbian-born, New-York-based artist, performance art through repetitive tasks such as counting grains of rice or sitting in a gallery for over 700 hours, are a way to attain a state of full consciousness.  In 2015, Hobart’s MONA museum staged Marina Abramovic Private Archaeology, a survey of sound, photography, video and installation works from across the artist’s career, alongside a participatory installation Counting the Rice and a new work Transitory Objects. Despite Abramovic’s high profile, this was not her first time in Hobart, having participated visited the University of Tasmania’s School of Art in 1979.

Tim Stone interviewed Abramovic in Hobart for ABC News Breakfast and The Mix.


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